Chengdu Food & Culture Festival
Nov. 10 – 18, 2016

Taste It

View participating locations offering taste testing of traditional Chengdu cuisine

Official Gala

November 10, 2016: Joining Mayor Edwin Lee of San Francisco and Vice-Mayor Yonglin Fu of Chengdu at San Francisco City Hall will be 250 VIP guests, Sichuan Opera artists, and a team of award-winning chefs whose will create the special menu for the evening gala.

Bay Area Restaurants

November 11-17, 2016: Five Bay Area restaurants have been selected to host Chengdu-theme dinners featuring menus that are created and inspired by our visiting Chengdu chefs. These dinners are open to the public. Places are limited. Contact individual restaurant for reservations.

Live Cooking Events

Taste It For Yourself
"The smell of Chengdu cuisine makes my mouth water!"

Haute Cuisine Meets Haute Tech

Our team of visiting Chengdu chefs will visit 10 leaders of the Bay Area’s high tech giants to add a little Sichuan spice in their workplace dining experience. It will be a feast for the eye as well since our chefs will be demonstrating their award winning cooking techniques in front of an high-tech audience.

An Educational Exchange

Chef Martin Yan and our team of visiting Chengdu chefs will visit local education institutions to celebrate Chengdu cuisine through live cooking demonstrations.

Check This Out

Chef Martin Yan will single-handedly bring his Chengdu show and tell to 10 public libraries in the bay area. Contact the location near you for more information.


The amazing Chefs participating in the Chengdu Festival
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The celebrated host of over 3000 cooking shows, Martin Yan enjoys distinction as a certified Master Chef, a highly respected food consultant, a professional instructor and a prolific author, expressing his diverse talents in 30 cookbooks. Host of the now classic “Yan Can Cook,” Chef Yan returned to TV with a new television series, “Martin Yan’s Taste of Vietnam”, which aired on public television stations across the U.S. and worldwide.
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Qinrui Wang 王钦锐

Winner of China Cuisine Association’s prestigious ‘Golden Chef Award,’ Chef Wang was named ‘China’s Famous Chefs’ in 2010. He is instrumental in reviving the Sichuan classic dish ‘FuqiFeipian’ in his restaurant. Currently Chef Wang serves as the vice chair of Chengdu Food & Beverage Corporation.
现任成都市烹饪协会副秘书长,夫妻肺片非物质文化遗产传承人,副经理。先后在成都饮食公司(Chengdu Food &Beverage Corporation) 所属荣乐园(Rong Le Yuan)、夫妻肺片总店 (FuqiFeipian Original Store)从厨,历任厨师长、厨房经理。2002年,参加第十二届全国厨师烹饪大赛荣获中国烹饪协会( China Cuisine Association) 颁发的“金厨奖”; 2010年,被中国烹饪协会授予“中国烹饪名师”称号。
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Guozheng He 何国政

The world’s foremost expert in the Sichuan classic ‘Mapo Tofu’, Chef He has dedicated his entire career in perfecting and popularizing this popular dish, both in Chengdu and beyond. He is the executive chef at Chengdu’s famous Chen MapoDofu Restaurant and he has taken his craft as far as Merida, Mexico.
高级烹饪职称,陈麻婆豆腐(Chen MapoDoufu)传统制作工艺第八代传人。先后师从陈麻婆传人,有扎实的红按(Wok Chef) 功底。2012年接受新加坡电视台邀请,介绍陈麻婆豆腐的历史沿革及特色并现场操作;2016年1月被派往墨西哥梅里达市(Merida, Mexico)参加现场制作的陈麻婆豆腐。
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Guirong Zhang 张贵荣

Since 1987 Chef Zhang has devoted his entire career at the legendary Chengdu dumpling restaurant ‘Long Chao Shou. His specialty is creating the many delicate snacks on the Sichuan menu. In 2013 Chef Zhang demonstrated his craft at the Shangri-La China World Hotel and also the Fortune Global Forum.
高级烹饪职称,1987年到中华老字号龙抄手总店工作至今( Longchaoshou Original Store)工作至今。张桂荣厨师面点技术全面,擅长川式名特小吃、小点制作。2013年参加中国大饭店(Shangri-La’s China World Hotel) 交流;2013年参加全球财富论坛(Fortune Global Forum)晚宴献技表演。
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Shizhong Xiao 肖世中

Chef Xiao began his culinary career in 1986 at the famed Sichuan Restaurant Long Chao Shou, where he currently serves as the executive dim sum chef. Chef Xiao has represented his restaurant in many culinary competitions and was runner-up as the Best Dim Sum Chef.
高级烹饪职称,1986年入职餐饮,在中华老字号龙抄手总店工作至今,现任龙抄手总店小吃部负责人。张桂荣厨师面点技术全面,擅长川式名特小吃、小点制作。曾先后代表龙抄手店参加成都烹饪技术比赛,获白按厨师(Dim Sum Chef)第二名;曾赴北京、西安、昆明川菜馆任主厨。
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Xiande He 何先德

Famed apprentice of the dim sum legend Chef (fill in name He), Chef He is the driving force at the classic dumpling restaurant Zhong Dumpling in Chengdu. He was a participant of the prestigious Fourth Sichuan Culinary Competition.
高级面点职称。师从非遗传继承人何长久大师,在中华老字号中水饺总店( Zhong Dumping Original Store)工作至今,曾代表钟水饺总店参加四川省第四届烹饪比赛获团体金奖;曾参加成都市百万职工技能比赛获优胜奖。
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JianZeng 曾健

Chef Zeng is the current director of the famous FuqiFeipian (Original) Restaurant in Chengdu. He has been an active member of culinary exchange mission between China and Taiwan. In 2014 and 2015, Chef Zeng received awards at the Cheng City Wide Cooking Competition.
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XiaojingZheng 郑小晶

Restaurant in Chengdu. In 2012 he joined FuqiFeipian Restaurant where he is currently serving as executive chef. In 2011 Chef Zheng received high praise for his impressive creations at the China Haute Cuisine Conference and Competiton.
先后在成都齐云楼(Qiyun Lou)餐厅,荣乐园(Rong Le Yuan Restaurant) 餐厅工作,2012年调入夫妻肺片总店,现担任冷菜厨房主管。2011年参加145期中国厨艺高级技能研修班学习,成绩突出;参加成都百万职工烹饪比赛取得优胜将。


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