Husband & Wife Delight

Makes 6-8 servings Main Ingredients 1 lb beef brisket 1 lb beef flat tripe 1 beef tongue, cleaned and peeled ¼ cup rice wine 2 teaspoons salt Spice Packet 2 whole star anise 1 black cardamom pod 1 teaspoon Sichuan peppercorns 1 2” stick cinnamon 3 slices dried licorice root 1 small piece dried tangerine[…]

sweet vinegar peanuts

Sweet Vinegar Peanuts

Despite its diminutive size, the peanut has an important place in the Chinese kitchen. It is both a popular staple and the source of the most common cooking oil in China. Two more interesting facts about our little peanut friend: Technically, it isn’t a nut, but a legume. Also, although they are now cultivated throughout[…]