Chengdu Cultural Culinary Tour – FAQs

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
  1. Do you provide ground transportations? Airport transfers?
    Yes. Our local travel agents will provide ground transportation in China.
  2. What kind of accommodations can we expect on this trip?
    We provide four/five star hotel accommodations in city center of Chengdu during your stay. In addition, there’s also a one-night stay at a comfortable country inn outside Chengdu.
  3. Is everything spicy in Chengdu? Will there be other food options? What about special diet?
    Chengdu is famous for its spicy Sichuan cuisine, however, if you request non-spicy or less spicy dishes ahead of time, local restaurants will try their best to accommodate your wishes. Same goes for food allergies and other dietary concerns, please notify your local tour guide in advance.
  4. How much walking is required in your tour?
    Our well-planned tours are centered in urban areas and generally won’t require too much walking. We do advise that you wear comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing.
  5. What is the weather like in Chengdu?
    Chengdu’s weather is similar to that in San Francisco. The average temperature ranges from 70°F to 59°F. October is generally the best season to visit Chengdu.
  6. What should I pack/wear?
    We suggest that you pack both shorts and heavy jackets. It will be warm during the day but may cool down at night or up in the mountainous area.
  7. Will we have local guides?
    Yes. We’ll have an English-speaking local tour guide accompanying the tour during your entire trip.
  8. Will I see the pandas?
    Yes. Chef Yan will bring the group to the world famous Giant Panda Research Center, where you can see the pandas.
  9. Should I take any vaccinations before the trip?
    Yes. We strongly recommend you take all appropriate vaccinations because the group will visit rural mountainous areas. Please consult your personal physician. (For more information of travel vaccinations, please go on CDC website
  10. What about insects?
    There might be insects in the rural area. We suggest you wear protective clothing and bring along insect repellants. Sprays are also widely available in local shops.
  11. Is it mandatory to join the extension tour to Xi’an?
    No. The Xi’an extension is an optional extra two-day tour. Please review the itinerary for more detailed information and cost.
  12. Does the Xi’an extension tour include the local transportation and tour guide?
    Yes. The local ground transportation and the tour guide are already included.
  13. Do I have to book an air ticket from Chengdu to Xi’an for the extension tour?
    No, the domestic transportation is included in your tour package.
  14. Is Wi-Fi available in Chengdu and Xi’an?
    Yes. Most of the hotels provide free Wi-Fi access.
  15. Should I bring extra prescription medicine?
    Yes. It’s prudent to carry extra supply of all prescription medicines, so you won’t run out during your trip.
  16. Do I need to bring a power plug adapter?
    Yes. A power plug (travel) adapter is highly recommended. China runs on 220V, 50 HZ, AC, which is different from the one in the U.S. Please bring your own universal adapter.
  17. Will my cell phone network work there?
    No. Your American cell phone network won’t be able to work in China. However, if you need to call internationally, you can purchase a local SIM card in Chengdu, or pre-pay some international data with your wireless company ahead of the trip.
  18. Do I need a Chinese Visa?
    Yes. For non-Chinese nationals, the Chinese Government requires a tourist entry visa. In addition, your passport should have at least six months validity when traveling internationally. For more information about the Chinese Visa, please contact your local Consulate General of the PR China. (To download a Chinese Visa Application Form, please visit If you need further assistant with your Chinese Visa application, please consult our recommended travel agent Glenice Fung (Bobo), phone: 650-259-9983, email:
  19. Do I need travel insurance?
    While not compulsory, it is highly recommended.





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