2016 San Francisco Chengdu Food & Culture Festival

2016 San Francisco Chengdu Food & Culture Festival

The much-anticipated 2016 San Francisco Chengdu Food & Culture Festival is here! A yearlong tireless effort and hard work of Mrs. Anita Lee and Mayor Edwin Lee has come to fruition in the form of a food and culture festival. This historic event will celebrate the arts, history and culinary wonders of Chengdu, and it will commence on November 10 th in San Francisco.

San Francisco First Lady, Mrs. Anita Lee, as the event chair, was instrumental in establishing the San Francisco-Chengdu Friendship City connection, which lends to further cultural exchanges between the two cities. Due to her relentless support, the genesis of the food & culture festival came to being in early 2016. Eleven months later, the city by the bay is ready to have our truly authentic taste of Chengdu.

The two-week long festival will kick off on November 9 with a press conference and on November 10, 2016 at San Francisco City Hall, with a festive evening gala of culinary and cultural delights. Co-hosting this highly anticipated event will be the honorable Mr. Edwin Lee, mayor of San Francisco and Mr. Fu Yonglin, vice mayor of Chengdu. In attendance will be 250 Bay Area VIP luminaries.

Among the visiting Chinese delegation will be a team of Sichuan’s finest chefs, who will be serving up the evening’s signature menu of Chengdu culinary masterpieces. Renowned Sichuan opera artists will provide the evening’s entertainment of kung fu tea ceremony and ‘face-changing’ performance.

This event will mark the first of its kind between San Francisco and her friendship city of Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Sichuan province.

“This is a monumental event be for both cities,” said Chef Martin Yan as the culinary coordinator for the festival. “This is a multi-level, multi-media cultural exchange between two of the most dynamic cities of the world. Art, culture, food, high-technology, two centers of innovation and limitless potential for growth and two regions where fine food is revered as a daily necessity.”

“San Francisco and Chengdu are two cities that share many similarities – first of all for our love of culture and the arts, technology – but most notably – our food scene,” said Mayor Ed Lee, “We are delighted to kick off the first ever Chengdu Food Festival in San Francisco, and look forward to many more food festivals in the future that will further strengthen the ties between our two friendship cities.”

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