Professional Knife & free gift cookbook

Professional Knife & free gift cookbook
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This professional level kitchen knife was masterfully designed by Chef Martin Yan, featuring a razor sharp edge with a functional curve, wide blade that doubles as a spatula, and a countoured comfortable grip.  Most importantly, it is well-balanced for stable yet extended use in the kitchen.  It is larger and stronger than Chef Yan's Signature kitchen knive, which is smaller.

"I fully endorse this kitchen knife. It's a my most trust-worthy tool in the kitchen for creating delicious meals."
- Chef Martin Yan

For a limited time, receive "Martin Yan: The Chinese Chef" cookbook for free. Offer valid while supplies last. Order now.

Package includes:

  1. Chef Yan's Professional Knife
  2. "Martin Yan: The Chinese Chef" cookbook (free)

Limited stock available. Order now!

The Chinese Chef Cookbook

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


I think of a knife and I think cut chop stab hammer poke pry barrier... but this knife taught me GRIND. It fits the hand well. One can do so much smashing, not to mention using the handle for crushing black beans, ALL OF THIS PROVIDED YOU'RE CAREFUL WITH THE KNIFE, it's so nice I wouldn't want to abuse it, heehee I'm over here making fillings! (15 Feb 2022, 21:06)

This Knife Does It All!

I use this knife for virtually everything - juliienning, slicing, and dicing vegetables, mincing garlic, and fabricating whole chickens. The curved blade makes it easy to rock when mincing herbs, and easily allows for an elliptical motion for a perfect chiffonade on green leafy vegetables. It is extremely strong and has a nice heft to it, but it's also exceptionally balanced making it comfortable for all-day use. It maintains an edge exceptionally well and takes well to sharpening on a tri-stone followed by a quick honing on a steel. Chef Yan's professional knife has replaced most of my other knives - I can literally do everything with just this and a paring knife. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone who is serious about their kitchen tools. (11 Jan 2022, 11:55)

My Go-To Knife

I absolutely love this knife. It really does it all - slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing. Light enough for continuous use over long periods, but with all the benefits of a Chinese knife - crushing/mincing garlic and ginger, spatula for ease of transport to the cooking vessel, and a super-comfortable grip with lots of surface area to hold on to. It replaced a whole set of French-style knives for me. I’d highly recommend this as an all purpose knife to condense your collection. With its ease of use and versatility, you won’t need much else! (02 Oct 2021, 09:37)

big knife

This is the greatest cleaver I've ever had. Its truly amazing and I've never had it sharpened. It maintains its extremely sharp edge. It's become my go to knife for just about everything! (21 Oct 2020, 19:59)
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