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Of all the Chinese enclaves around the world, San Francisco’s Chinatown is most celebrated for its history, size, complexity and depth. Within its 24 city blocks lives a self-contained community, well integrated to the outside world but retains its own ethnic identity. Welcome to Martin Yan’s Chinatown. M Y Chinatown. #MYChinatown

In 27 segments Martin explores his ‘hometown’, sharing all its sights, sounds and excitement with the world (see complete list of segments below). The best dim sum, herbs, spices, boba tea and durian moon cakes. Visit an herbalist, a tea master and Miss Chinatown and dance with lions. All in one day, in M Y Chinatown.

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Heavy lifting at my favorite bakery in Chinatown. It’s our long awaited premiere week on YouTube. New segments every week. Enjoy, like, subscribe, comment and forward!

January 22: Chinatown by the numbers

Chinatown by the numbers: 15,000 people living within 24 city blocks where 5 zip codes intersect. Welcome to Martin Yan’s Chinatown in San Francisco. Let’s go count all the restaurants.


January 24: The best bakeries in town

Cocktail buns and egg tarts. Breakfast for champion in Martin Yan’s Chinatown. 15,000 residents and 12 bakeries, everybody has his favorite.


January 26: First to do in Chinatown – EAT!

Name three things to do in Chinatown. Eat, eat and eat! Chef Yan does dim sum and feasts on vegetarian classics. Loosen your pants and pack your appetite.


February 4: Only in Chinatown

From holistic herbal medicine to dozens of exotic dehydrated goods, Martin Yan showcases items that are rarely found in our typical supermarket.


February 8: Tea with Uncle Gee

Every cup of tea tells a story and Uncle Gee knows them all. Martin drops by this iconic Chinatown teashop for tea and wisdom, and the Uncle Gee Show.


February 22: Dim Sum and Sum More

A tour de force showcasing a variety of these heart’s delights and different venues to enjoy them.


February 24: Double Double, TEA and Bubble

A foray across the great generational divide, deep-diving into the Boba Tea culture. Matcha tea, anyone?


Behind the Scenes Filming MYChinatown

View behind the scene footage filming MYChinatown